The founding history of the Wintergroup dates back to 1999. Back then, Franz Winter took the step into self-employment as a one-man business by founding the sole proprietorship FW Großhandel Franz Winter.

His second job at the time as a driver at the Inzersdorf vegetable market gave the trained fitter the idea of repairing damaged pallets. Pallets were repaired on a small scale using hammers and nails. The company quickly grew to become one of the largest pallet producers in Austria.

In addition, the company was also constantly involved in the production and marketing of wood chips. The very next year, a relocation was unavoidable for reasons of space. A production hall and an office wing were built on around 2,500m2 in the Hof industrial estate. In addition to the trade, which had expanded considerably in the meantime, pallet repair and production could be increasingly carried out. Here, the company scored particularly well with its efforts to produce pallets quickly and to a high standard of quality.


Paletten Winter GmbH was founded in 2001. The acquisition of two neighboring properties made it possible to meet the enormous demand for space. This paved the way for further expansion as part of the used container service. The next structural expansion took place in 2004 with a new office building and assembly hall. To make more efficient use of the existing factory building, the company switched to two-shift operation. This was associated with a significant increase in production.

Following an increase in demand for rental pallets in the pallet industry, Paletten Logistik Winter GmbH was founded in 2010. Here, customers are offered a complete solution - from collection to repair and delivery. This ensures a customer-friendly price-performance ratio and stable company development.

Due to various restructuring measures, the sole proprietorship Wholesale Franz Winter was renamed Hackgut Winter GmbH in 2012. Thanks to the acquisition of modern forestry and recycling machines, the company was able to establish itself on the market.




Über die Jahre hinweg, wurde das Leistungsangebot sowie das Betriebsgelände der >Wintergroup< laufend erweitert und weiterentwickelt. Aufgrund des ständigen Wachstums, erfolgte Anfang 2019 auch der Umzug in ein modernisiertes 650 m² großes Bürogebäude mit ergonomisch ausgerichteten Arbeitsplätzen und modernster Technik.

In 2019 and 2020, photovoltaic systems were installed to supply electricity to our halls and an automatic sorting and repair system for pallet repairs was put into operation. 2020 saw the start of construction on another major project. Additional storage space and a repair hall with a fully automated robot system were built on an area of around 30,000 m², which was put into operation in 2021.

Durch unsere Einstellung >Erfolg mit Komplettsortiment und Top-Qualität< haben wir uns in den letzten Jahren vom Einmannbetrieb zu einem der erfolgreichsten Palettenproduzenten in Österreich und mit rund 170 Mitarbeitern, zu einem großen Arbeitgeber in der Region entwickelt.