Customer satisfaction

We want to be a selected partner for our customers by offering products of convincing quality and proposing individually tailored solutions. Only by offering products and services that meet the actual needs of our customers can we achieve our goal of long-term customer satisfaction and business relationships.

Environment and sustainability

Protecting the environment and the climate to preserve an intact environment is an important issue for us. We preserve and protect our surroundings through the environmentally conscious use and responsible handling of resources in our work processes.

Compliance with regulations

Our products are designed to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in the long term. All production processes correspond to the state of the art and are subject to compliance with various standards and specifications.


We see our employees as an important part of our company; they contribute significantly to the success of our company. Through targeted training and ongoing further education, their skills and abilities are constantly improved, thus increasing both their motivation and their work performance.

Continuous improvement

Measures to increase quality and optimize work processes are identified through continuous improvement processes. All processes are constantly reviewed and errors analyzed, corrective measures are defined and their effectiveness checked in order to achieve continuous further development of the management system.

Commitment of the management

The management ensures that quality management can achieve its intended results and provides the necessary resources for this. Unwanted effects are prevented as far as possible or reduced to a minimum. It is ensured that all legal requirements to which the company has committed itself are fulfilled. Measures for dealing with opportunities and risks are planned, attention is paid to their implementation and they are integrated into the business processes.