THE COMPANY - Paletten Logistik Winter GmbH

Paletten Logistik Winter GmbH is the largest Austrian pallet depot and service center of CHEP, the market leader in pallet pooling.

SHARE AND REUSE - By using rental pallets, CHEP is focusing on sustainability. By renting out CHEP pallets several times, only a small and resource-saving use of materials is necessary. Every year, millions of "blue pallets" are checked, sorted and, if necessary, repaired by us after the delivery cycle before they are delivered to customers again.




Years of experience


Family property

350 kw

power sources

2.2 million



AUTOMATION - Robot line G600

INNOVATIVE - In 2019, our Service Center at the Hof site was expanded with state-of-the-art technology. CHEP - the market leader in pallet pooling - invested together with Winter in the construction of a fully automated sorting and repair system for the automatic destacking, sorting and stacking of pallets, which uses an integrated laser system to check individual pallets for damage and send them for repair if necessary.

Features of the G600 robot line:

  • Automatic brush painting booth
  • Inkjet system
  • New roller nailer technology
  • Integrated moisture meter


As part of our cooperation with CHEP, our range of services includes the collection, repair and delivery of "blue pallets".

Thanks to our many years of experience and equipment with state-of-the-art pallet repair machines, we can guarantee flawless quality and precise work performance.

Repairs are carried out in accordance with the CHEP repair guidelines - compliance with these guidelines and the quality of the products are continuously checked by random quality controls.