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All-rounder wooden pallet

With a feel for what is necessary and important, the Wintergroup delivers reliably. "When you buy from Winter, you are always taken care of!" is how founder Franz Winter sums it up in an article about the company in the magazine "Wirtschaftsforum". The "multi-talented wooden pallet" and the services surrounding it were the subject of the portrait of the Wintergroup [...]

All-rounder wooden pallet2023-12-06T10:31:30+01:00

Working with winter wood chips!

Not only are there currently a number of vacancies in various areas at Hackgut Winter, we also have a brand new video that shows and describes these fields of work. So if you want to work sustainably with wood, don't miss this film and the opportunity to apply for jobs at Hackgut Winter! All information and contact details [...]

Working with winter wood chips!2023-10-23T23:39:42+02:00

Pallets and the climate

The Wintergroup pays attention to sustainability, and pallets are no exception. For this reason, we also offer pallets made exclusively from wood. Pallets from our production consist almost exclusively of wood and in recycling, we can also remove "impurities" from nails etc. using modern processes, thus enabling further use, [...].

Pallets and the climate2023-09-20T14:45:34+02:00

Sustainable heat from the biomass heating plant

Biomass is a good way to heat sustainably. We have already gone into this in more detail in one of our articles. We ourselves want to set a good example here and are investing heavily in the use of sustainable forms of energy - and this is particularly noticeable in the area of heat generation. The original heating systems from the old [...]

Sustainable heat from the biomass heating plant2023-08-01T11:50:30+02:00

Our own photovoltaics for our energy needs

The Wintergroup not only supplies its customers with sustainable products, but also continues to optimize its own operations in terms of sustainability. For example, we started saving electricity back in the pioneering days of LED lighting and converted our energy and heat supply to sustainable forms of energy at an early stage. Doing business in harmony with our environment is deeply rooted in our [...]

Our own photovoltaics for our energy needs2023-06-27T12:39:34+02:00

LED advertising on the B50 near Donnerskirchen

Sustainably effective and energy-saving: Modern advertising in the vicinity of our company location is an offer that is somewhat different from our usual products but still follows our values. Whether awareness advertising, brand or product advertising, our LED wall presents your advertising effectively and efficiently on the B50 main road in Donnerskirchen.

LED advertising on the B50 near Donnerskirchen2023-06-27T13:09:18+02:00

Questions about working as a truck driver

Our last video on the job as a truck driver with Johannes Winter raised many additional questions. He took part in a FAQ round and answered the most frequently asked ones right in front of the camera. Anyone interested in working in a key role at Wintergroup will find additional information on the points that our readers found interesting. [...]

Questions about working as a truck driver2023-05-17T13:33:13+02:00

Interview on sustainability at Wintergroup

The Better Great Together platform approached us to find out more about our company and the people involved in an interview. It was about sustainability in business and also about many personal attitudes around this topic. The result of this interview is already in the magazine and can be accessed here, the interview itself [...].

Interview on sustainability at Wintergroup2023-05-17T13:24:12+02:00

Pallet furniture is design and expression

Wintergroup is a leading manufacturer of pallets, but also a pioneer in a completely different area. Pallet furniture was added to the product range based on the idea of upcycling wood from pallets to make it even more useful. That was 12 years ago now! The original idea of doing something good for the environment [...]

Pallet furniture is design and expression2023-02-17T13:53:44+01:00

Inclusion in green spaces

On the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, our employee Raphael was featured in the Kronen Zeitung newspaper. The 21-year-old is a professional groundskeeper at Wintergroup and shows that inclusion is possible and beneficial for everyone. His successful leap into working life was worth a report in the Krone, which makes us all a little proud! Tip: Our [...]

Inclusion in green spaces2022-12-06T10:59:29+01:00

EPAL certificate? This is the Euro pallet!

As a producer of pallets in Austria, the Wintergroup is clearly also a supplier of high-quality Euro pallets. The logistics and transport routes in Europe are geared towards Euro pallets, and this load carrier can be used in a correspondingly diverse and standardized way - what the DIN A4 format is for letters, the EUR pallet is in warehousing and goods transport. The [...]

EPAL certificate? This is the Euro pallet!2022-11-30T16:23:21+01:00

Plastic pallets or better wood?

Some pallet manufacturers are currently offering plastic pallets instead of wooden products due to limited supply chains. Thanks to our sustainable production with wood, which is kept in the cycle for a long time, we can continue to offer high-quality wooden pallets as usual and in large quantities, but the question of the comparison between the two materials still arises. [...]

Plastic pallets or better wood?2022-10-05T15:55:55+02:00

Turning old into new

The current issue of Holzkurier has just been published. We turn straight to page 24, because it contains a portrait of the Wintergroup that captures many of the cornerstones of our family business very well: It's about our sustainable approach, about growth from the strength of the family, but also about how to grow even in [...]

Turning old into new2022-09-23T14:01:10+02:00
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